March 14, 2010

Thanks Dave

Less than half way into this month and it's already been a crazy one. I entered my 30's, got rejected for the second time by the school I was raised to love, got accepted by the school that I was born to hate, and was presented with a possible opportunity that could shape the next 2 years of my life. I definitely feel like I'm at some kind of crossroad in my career path and it's been met by more anxiety than excitement.

Even though I heard about how amazing Dave Chappelle was as a guest on Inside the Actor's Studio back in '06, I never got around to watching it. Kinda like The Wire, I had slept on one of the most phenomenal things to happen to TV in a long time. But in a way, I'm glad I hadn't seen it until last night because I doubt the impact and inspiration that I got from Dave's words would have been as high if I wasn't at this crossroad.

If you've never seen this before or haven't since it came out, do yourself a favor and watch it:

Thanks Dave!


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