March 26, 2010

Future States at SFIAAFF

While I was in the bay last week the homie Kori (the Cheddar Path) asked if I wanted to hit up the "Future States" short program at the San Francisco Int'l Film Fest. Not being a sci-fi dude at all and remembering that the last time Kori talked me into going to something I ended up wasting a day in NYC looking at unicorns and dragons in a museum, I was skeptical. But unlike the Mythical Creatures exhibit, I dug it.
ITVS got 11 youngish filmmakers and asked them "to take the current state of affairs in the United States, and extrapolate them into stories of the nation in the not-so-distant future."
These three were my favorite...
PIA by Tanuj Chopra
Mister Green by Greg Pak
Silver Sling by Tze Chun

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