November 26, 2008

Jesus Christ & GMA 2gether like Green Eggs & Jufran

While googling some statistics on the poverty levels in the Philippines, I stumbled upon some of these paintings by an artist of the name, Joey Velasco. Although I'm not too religious, I think these pieces are kind of interesting considering the impact Catholicism has had on the Philippines (the northern part at least). I've been a bad Filipino Catholic as of late but I'm sure that will change during the time I'm home for the holidays (thanks Mommy). This one is one of my favorites. It's entitled: "I will make you a Fisher of men." Another reason why I think these are kinda interesting is that most of these pictures illustrate the Filipino youth helping out Jesus instead of the other way around. Hmm... On a more reality-based, in your face, socio-political-economic-USimperialist-Philippines puppet regime (I really needed to take this break from writing this paper) note: I betcha that what's she actually looks like too when she and her cronies count the money. -Chris G.

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ET said...

oh, you bad bad catholic..