November 14, 2008

Send "DJ:LA" to Slamdance

Photobucket for the last couple of years it seems like almost everyone's been talking about DJ:LA a short film that was produced as part of vc's "armed with a camera" fellowship.  even though it toured the asian american film fest. circuit the same time as pilgrimage i was never able to catch a screening.  now having finally watched it online i'm really pissed that i didn't get to see it on a big screen with a good sound system! directed by jerry chan and produced by mitchel dumlao, DJ:LA is now in the running to screen at slamdance.  you can peep the film here and then vote for it there. the film reminded me of the chemical brothers video for "star guitar" directed by michel gondry, on of my favorite music videos of all time. *spark one to this! seeing this on youtube just doesn't to it justice, invest in this dvd and i guarantee you won't be dissapointed! -tadillac

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