November 10, 2008

Repeal Prop. 8!

Photobucket cali's streets have been hot since the passing of prop. 8 which revoked the right of same sex couples to marry. last saturday cindy and i went to the protest against the passing of this fucked-up initiative in hipsterlake where over 20,000 showed up. i learned that some of the small things that can be done to repeal prop 8 is to boycott el pollo loco and the ahmanson theater because both kms restaurant corp and the ahmanson family were huge contributors to the yes on 8 campaign. also, please sign this online petition to get arnold to reopen prop. 8! Photobucket the media has been instigating conflict between those against prop. 8 and california voters of color, specifically the african american community. cindy sent me this posting on racialicious with some real interesting points on this issue. -tadillac

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