November 7, 2008

More News From Santa Cruz... for real though, andy samberg is a true uc santa cruz sluggo. you think he's exaggerating? Photobucket alternative! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket ???? Photobucket * Photobucket call it hollywood if you want but i'd take my superficial smog over self-righteous appropriation any day. ever been to a place where the level of privilege is so high it's considered oppressive? welcome to the cruz! *the bud is good though. -tadillac


Jack Stephens said...

Ah man, that's hilarious. Totally reminds me of the high school I went to in the San Anselmo/Fair Fax area of Marin County.

I still can't walk past a kid with a hemp shirt without feeling the urge to punch someone.

Mass Movement TV said...

haha! yeah, for me it got so bad in the cruz that i started not wanting to support certain issues just because the barefoot soldiers were behind it. but then i had to check myself and was like "wait, i do support the tibetan people and the environment!"


Mass Movement TV said...
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Mass Movement TV said...

Hahaha, they definitely do have privilege. The privilege that they can't smell themselves.

You're lucky your out Tad. I still got one more year of sitting in class with people putting their stinky ass barefeet on top of chairs.

The dude with the green shirt playing the drum is actually my homie from Carson. He left SC too cause it was too hippy for even him.

-Chris G.