February 7, 2009

"I Learned It By Watching You!"

i gotta admit that i'm the one who's always complaining about how all the latest technology is being wasted on sharing stupid information instead of relevant shit that can actually impact the world. BUT then i see videos like this one of a kid fresh out the dentist chair and trippin hard... you can totally tell that the dad's a total vet and knows exactly what his son is going thru. if you're too young to get the quote in the headline then educate yo self... -tadillac


Mass Movement TV said...

i learned it by watching you, Tad!


MV said...

nice shirt, kid. go tebow.

I learned it from reading Mass Movement!

Mass Movement TV said...

That kid's lucky. My dad would've whoop the shit outta me! And if I told him that "I learned it from watching you," he would've whooped my ass even more for being a smart ass, haha!

I learned it by watching Mass Movement TV!

-Chris G.

Mass Movement TV said...

all you filipinos need to stop blaming the japanese for are your ills. don't bite the hand that feeds you! muhahaha!