February 9, 2009

MIA & Radiohead?

Excuse the MIA-ness but school has been kicking my ass for the past month. Just been trying to have a strong start at the beginning of the quarter so that I don't fuck up like last quarter (don't ever take "Philosophy: Intro to Logic" if you hate math [yup, I'm Flip and I absolutely hate math]). I'll try putting in some quick posts hurr and thurr, but for the most part I'm with Fatgums on having to get into get-shit-done mode. After this quarter, I got a 1 more quarter to finish up 2 senior sems in Film & Politics along with 2 more upper divs. It'll all be worth it though. 14 more weeks until I'll be the first in my entire family to bring home some degrees! Here's something I learned in class today: Radiohead just made the first music video to use no cameras. I just started to learn how to do computer graphic stuff like this in my film class. This video (and song) blows my mind. But what also blows my mind is knowing that I have an opportunity to access to this kind of knowledge that I thought only Pixar folks had. I am truly lucky to even be in a space that most people don't have access to. -Chris G. I also gotta start looking for a job.

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