August 31, 2008

Best Part of DNC

i have to admit, i did get a caught up in all the hype around last weeks DNC. it was interesting to see the whole entertainment value of the convention and the way it was packaged for media consumption. i mean shit, stevie wonder was the opening act! The fact that each keynote speaker was introduced by a mini-doc video acknowledged the emotional power that film can have. i thought the use of narration in the videos were really effective, first they were scripted perfectly and then the choice of narrators was pretty slick. here's michelle obama's video intro. what better way to hit home the theme of "family" than her mamma's voice. (even though it plays off the african american grandmother stereotype, think the movie "soul food", it works for a DNC audience): the subtle music is my favorite part of barack's video. peep the well written and performed narration, unlike the other videos that are narrated by someone directly related to the person (michelle obama's mamma, hillary's daughter) barack's is narrated by the unidentified, omniscient "voice of god": but the best performance at the DNC happened on wed. at the denver coliseum... -tad -tadillac