August 21, 2008

Nostalgic Aesthetics

the aesthetics crew, the homies indie and aidge aka. mr. hyphen 2006 & 2007, just uploaded their video for "doin it still". the video was directed and cut by jared seltzer back in '02 (that just sounds weird, "back in '02"). besides seeing my folks doin their thang, i like this video cause it takes my nostalgic ass back to my undergrad days at ucla: things that i miss about undergrad: - not being sober in the cultural affairs and academic affairs offices - trying to talk about sex and masturbation with the christian fellowship missionary bible-bangers - 4/20 on the kerckhoff lawn - rallies in westwood plaza - CAPSA retreats in lake arrowhead - white smurfs and vick's vaporub! - making sure my knitted hat matched my "no on prop. 21" t-shirt - house parties at the tilden house with this guy - talking waaaay too much in my asian american classes - mumia 911 concerts - SMOKING PARLIAMENT LIGHTS!!!! go check out the aesthetics crew performing this saturday at the next generation remix concert in little tokyo. they'll be performing with the homies bambu & dj phatrick: Photobucket -tadillac

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Mass Movement TV said...

What's up with AsianAms and parliaments?

I heard you were swinging through SC this weekend. Come by my spot on Sunday and catch the gold medal basketball game!