August 19, 2008

Bobby Hundreds

Photobucket my little cousins keiji and noah were in town from new york last week. they live in the heart of soho and in-terms of teenage street fashion, their game is on-point. so as a has-been pretty boy myself, whose first "skill" in life was ironing his own clothes, bonding time with my lil cuzzos means shopping. bobby hundreds (below), co-creator of "the hundreds" was nice enough to meet us at his store on rosewood & fairfax. Photobucket as their shirts say the hundreds is HUGE! i'm talkin celebrity, london, tokyo status! so it was the boys consumer wet dream come true when bobby laced them (and me!) with shirts, hats, socks and stickers. and just to make sure that they were the freshest kids on the first day of school, he gave them a shout and posted our picture on the hundreds blog: Photobucket peep their on-line magazine and store. if you're a LA native who yearns for early 90's aesthetics, you'll love their prints. -tadillac

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